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Fort Knox, Ky.-  Jumping, climbing, sliding, and a little bit of screaming all come together to give you a host of action packed activities.

Today 4thRegiment, Basic Camp took on both the High Ropes and Climbing course with ease. The Climbing course is made up of a few obstacles that involve a lot of strength, confidence, and trust. The obstacles are all at least 40ft in the air, which is where that confidence comes in the most.

4th Regt.,Basic Camp Cadet leaps to the net. June 28. Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by AJ Barnes.

One of the first steps when starting the course is walking on six wooden logs and then jumping about 5 feet in the air to a net. Once you land on the net, you then climb up  to begin the next part of the course. Even though the High Ropes and Climbing course are dizzyingly high , Cadets are completely safe. They are strapped into harnesses and also taught how to move from station to station safely.

“Fear is so hypothetical,” said Cadet Ian Hall of Arizona University

Fear is all in the mind for the most part. People will always be fearful of things based on what they think will happen, not on what will actually happen.

4th Regt.,Basic Camp Cadets use teamwork on high ropes course. June 28. Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by AJ Barnes.

The purpose of the High Ropes and Climbing course is for Cadets to trust themselves, their equipment, and their battle buddies. Most of the Cadets saw this course as a way to conquer fears.  Fear can be one of the most debilitating things when it comes to doing these obstacles. But with the encouragement of fellow Cadets and Cadre, these Cadets find the strength to overcome their fears.

This course is also used as a tool for future. Cadets will be able to relate to their fellow Cadets when they take on this course, and that way they can offer the right encouragement.

“I was taught never tell your [fellow] Cadets to do anything that you wouldn’t do,” explained Cadet Danniel Sanchez of Syracuse University.

4th Regt.,Basic Camp Cadet walks a thin line at the High Ropes Course. June 28. Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by AJ Barnes.

The Cadets gave their all with each task they were given and also showed amazing teamwork when it came to motivating one another. Overall the Cadets handled this course like professionals and exemplified all the qualities needed to conquer the rest of their Basic Camp. Tarzan doesn’t have anything on these Cadets.

“If you are going to do something, do it 100 percent the first time because when you are out in the field, you might not get a second chance,” said Sanchez.