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Fort Knox, Ky.- Remember those times as a kid , playing on the jungle gym, and racing your friends on the monkey bars and just being so free? Well just come on down to Basic Camp if you want to have that same experience all over again.

3rd Regt., Basic Camp crawls through a concrete tubing at the Obstacle Course. July 2. Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by AJ Barnes.

Today 3rd Regiment Basic Camp got to relive some of their childhood when they went through the Obstacle Course at Beaudoin Range. Cadets are put into different teams before starting the course. Then they go through 8 obstacles that include monkey bars, climbing a rope, and running through slanted bars. It was like being at recess all over again.

Of course the Cadets weren’t  there for all fun and games. Cadets are put through this obstacle course to build teamwork amongst each group. The Cadets are learning to support one another and to work together to complete a task. The course is also a great way to test your endurance and athleticism.

“ You are being supported by your teammates, and being supportive and to me that’s what a great leader does”, said Cadet Karizma Lester of Georgia Southern University.

3rd Regt., Basic Camp Cadets climb net. July 2. Fort Knox, Ky. Photo by AJ Barnes.

After Cadets finished the obstacle course, the Cadre decided to let the Cadets participate in some friendly competition. Each team picked two people, one female and one male, to go through the obstacle course again. Whichever team had the fastest time completing the course  they would be the winners and have bragging rights for awhile. All three teams showed amazing support to team members going through the course, and worked extremely hard. But in the end team 3 was victorious and couldn’t wait to celebrate.

“I think we’ve had the most fun today then we’ve had all camp”, said Lester.

3rd Regiment of Basic Camp are excited and pumped to see what the rest of camp has in store for them.