Fort Knox, Ky. — 43 Cadets were commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants during the End of Camp Commissioning Ceremony for 3rd Regiment, Advanced Camp July 14, 2018.

3rd Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets earned their commission as 2nd Lieutenants July 14, 2018, at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Angela Yin)

Most of these Lieutenants returned from last summer and spent 31 days this year on Fort Knox in Advanced Camp Training.

During the summer, they learned new tactical, soldiering skills, and leadership techniques. Everyone is trying their best to get to know how their own leadership styles will contribute to the total Army.

“Count the brave, count the true, who have fought to victory.” 

For those Cadets who completed their 31 days Advanced Camp training, the commissioning recognized them as ready to become commissioned officers in the grade of 2nd Lieutenants in the United States Army.

2nd Lt. Jose Angel Chico is presented with his commissioning certificate at the Commissioning Ceremony July 14, 2018, at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Angela Yin)

During the ceremony, every Cadet was presented on stage, each lining up in a systematic manner, taking the oath, the pinning of the gold bars, conducting the first salute and the presentation of the commissioning certificate respectively.

“It’s my first experience in the military, and I’m just looking forward to where the Army will take me,” 2nd Lt. Jose Angel Chico, the University of Illinois at Chicago, said. “I’m really excited to have my eyes open to the world.”

“Proud of all we have done, fighting till the battle’s won.”

Once being commissioned, every Cadet is a 2nd Lt. All of them were full of promise and dedication, each showing maximum achievement and excellence above all.

2nd Lt. Haley Michelle Sommer and their friends and family at the Commissioning Ceremony July 14, 2018, at Fort Knox, Ky. (Photo by Angela Yin)

2nd Lt. Haley Michelle Sommer from Kent State University is going back to the College as a teacher after being commissioned.

Sommer told us, “I’m excited about learning more and meeting new peoples while continuing my career. It is wonderful helping people to achieve their greatest and have some good experiences to look back on some other times.”

“For where ever we go, you will always know that the Army goes rolling along.”

The Commissioning Ceremony marks the culmination of years of rigorous and intensive academic, military, and physical training for the Cadets.

Now, having completed Advanced Camp, these 43 Second Lieutenants are ready to take their new journey to develop and challenge of being officers of the U.S. Army in the future.

“Keep pushing. It’s hard but its worth at the end,” Sommer said.