Fort Knox, Ky.- John F. Kennedy was quoted for saying, “leadership and learning are indispensable to one another.” Leadership does not always mean the leading of others; it can also be interpreted as working alongside others and inspiring them to do great things. To be a great leader, there must be a thirst for knowledge and learning. A thirst to want to know the ins and outs, the right and wrongs, and the strengths and weaknesses of who and what you are leading.

Today, Cadets are learning to lead. They are learning to be great leaders within their small groups during their Field Training Exercise. Deep in the terrain at Fort Knox, 4th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets worked together to accomplish a goal much bigger than themselves.

4th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets perform Field Training Exercises at Fort Knox, Ky. on July 12, 2018. Photo By: Inayah Bolton.

“Essentially, the purpose of this FTX training is to learn how to take out the opposing force, which every military personnel should be able to do,” stated Cadet Danniel Sanchez from Syracuse University. He continued, “Throughout Cadet Summer Training, we acquired many skill sets including land navigation, confidence, effective communication skills, and learning to be a type-b person when most people are type-a. All of these skills work together in preparing us to be great future military leaders.”

The specific goal of FTX training is to work in a small squad that conquers another small squad through learned battle drills and sets of maneuvers. In the bigger picture, Cadets are getting a glimpse of what battle is like for a Soldier. It takes, strength, courage, tactics, and most of all great leadership abilities to pull off a battle victory for your squad.

These Cadets showed superb leadership qualities during this training. Before executing a plan of action, they allowed discussion from all members of the group then decided which idea would best benefit their mission.

4th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets perform Field Training Exercises at Fort Knox, Ky. on July 12, 2018. Photo By: Inayah Bolton.

Though it may seem simple, learning to lead effectively bears its own challenges. Cadet Maksym Kargin from the University of Chicago mentioned the biggest challenge within his squad, “Collaborating and learning to work as an element can be a little challenging. But despite how you may feel, you always have to keep in mind what is best for the group.”

The 4th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets are thirsty for knowledge and they continue to transform that thirst into a series of learning experiences and acquired skill sets. These leaders are constantly learning at Cadet Summer Training!