Fort Knox Ky.- 7th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets are learning to save lives during combat at Cadet Summer Training! Today, Cadets perform basic first aid skills on dummies by using a device called a tourniquet. This device is used in emergency settings to stop traumatic bleeding such that medical care can be provided before the victim bleeds out.

7th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadet suppresses enemy fire during first aid training. Photo By: Inayah Bolton

In a combat zone there are measures to be taken before providing care to the wounded victim. First, make sure the enemy fire is suppressed by firing back at the enemy. Second, ask the victim three questions in order of importance: Can you fire back? Can you get to cover? Can you apply self aid? If the victim can not do any of those things, you then do step three which is applying the tourniquet to the wounded area on the victim.

7th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadet applies touniquet during first aid training. Photo By: Inayah Bolton

Spc. Andrew Kramer, one of the medics teaching first aid, explained the importance of knowing how to treat your comrades or yourself during combat. “91.8% of deaths that could have been prevented could have easily been prevented by using a tourniquet.” Kramer continued, “Especially in areas where improvised explosive devices are present, stepping on one can cause you to lose a limb. Extremity hemorrhage is the leading cause of deaths that could have been prevented so we teach Cadets this in order to reduce those numbers.”

Cadre on the scene felt it was important that the Cadets not only learn this first aid method in a timely manner, but to also do so under intense pressure. As each Cadet took their turn to threat the victim, their peers got rowdy. Yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs intensified the situation, luckily Cadets prevailed.

7th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets complete first aid training at Fort Knox, Ky. on July 20, 2018. Photo By: Inayah Bolton

Cadet Sherman expressed what her experience was like working under pressure. “For me personally, I do not work well under pressure. The other Cadets were yelling and screaming at me which made me nervous. Although, after doing it several times the noise seemed to fade into the background and all of my attention remained on the victim.”

7th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets had some great take aways from the session: combat first aid is a necessity to know in order to save lives and staying focused is important during an intense situation. By learning these valuable skills, these Cadets another step closer to being superb Soldiers.