Bravo Company, 9th Regiment, Advanced Camp conduct Call For Fire. Photo by Gia Cruz

Ft. Knox, KY- Cadets of Bravo Company, 9th Regiment were up early to receive intensive training in Call for Fire. As these Cadets rubbed their eyes and had their morning stretch, they were all concentrated on what the day had in store for them.

With over an hour and a half of classroom lectures, protractors, binoculars and their trusty canteens, these Cadets received thorough training in requesting artillery fires to destroy or disrupt the enemy.

Cadets plots coordinates of enemy tanks. Photo by Gia Cruz

Call for Fire requires Cadets to quickly locate enemy tanks and report it to an observer. After reporting coordinates, it is the Cadet’s responsibility to destroy the tank with mock artillery fires while making adjustments in meters and recording key pieces of information.

Jeremy Tuggle, Appalachian State University was not too worried about the cram session that the Cadets were being put through. “It’s pretty straight forward, I’m ready to test out,” said Tuggle as he was walking into the exam area.

Cadets use binoculars to locate artillery rounds. Photo by Gia Cruz

Joseph Bruno-Metzgar, Northeastern University also didn’t seem to mind the amount of information he had learned. Bruno-Metzgar shared how this was the first time he has done a thorough hands on training on Call for Fire. “This is easy,” he replied, “if the topic were challenging, it would be more difficult.”

Call for Fire is one of many required tests for Cadets to successfully continue on with their training in Fort Knox, KY.