Fort Knox, Ky.- Cadets from 9th Regiment, Advanced Camp perform combat casualty care as part of first aid testing. This is a mandatory pass event for the Cadets due to its importance to know throughout a Soldier’s career.

Cadets began testing during the early morning hours and continued throughout the afternoon. One by one, they performed standard first aid treatment in front of a Cadre member who monitored the treatment.

“Today we’re being tested on tactical field training and first aid. Specifically, we are required to properly bandage wounds, apply tourniquets, open airways, CPR, and apply fresh dressings,” stated Cadet Christ Hilton from Middle Tennessee State University.

9th Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadet Holly Eichelberger is performing madatory combat and casulaty first aid at Fort Knox, Ky. on July, 24, 2018. Photo By: Inayah Bolton

Cadet Holly Eichelberger from the University of Central Arkansas mentioned why this training is necessary for them to know and execute. “it’s important that we learn first aid and pay attention to detail. For instance, if we were ever caught in a detrimental situation, each person should be capable of saving their battle buddy until a medic can arrive.”

9th Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadet Michael Jones apllies bandages on casualty victim as part of madatory combat and casulaty first aid at Fort Knox, Ky. on July, 24, 2018. Photo By: Inayah Bolton

These Cadets were throughly taught and prepared prior to today’s testing thus instilling confidence in their work. Cadet Micheal Jones shares his prior experience from his hometown university, “our Cadre back at my university would set up scenarios where we were required to apply a tourniquet to the victim. We would also have a few labs throughout the semester explaining how to apply bandages and other tactical field care.”

After finishing testing, Cadet Addison Cagle from Campbell University shared a highlight he had from the event. He mentioned that this event was helpful in a way that instilled more confidence in his first aid. He also claims that Cadet Summer Training helped him memorize all of the important steps and details needed to know for proper CPR and first aid.