6th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets complete and graduate from Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox, Ky. on July 31, 2018. Photo By: Inayah Bolton.

Fort Knox, Ky.- Today, the 6th Regiment, Alpha and Bravo Company Basic Camp Cadets graduate Cadet Summer Training 2018. Proud family members from all across the country gather together to witness the inspiring ceremony.

These Cadets have all come a long way and yet this is only the beginning. Day in and day out they trained rigorously, overcame tremendous fears, and strengthened themselves to achieve their highest level of excellence.

There has been outstanding growth from the day they first arrived. Throughout each exercise completed they acquired leadership characteristics, teamwork and accountability for one another, and the strength and stamina to conquer all tasks.

Excitement is in the air during the graduation ceremony and Cadets are anxious to see what’s next around the corner. “I’m going to take everything I learned here at Basic Camp and utilize it back at my university,” stated Cadet Darius Daniel from Missouri State University.

These Cadets have been given the basic tools to be successful as a future Soldier. Over the course of 31 days, they have mastered heights, land navigation, battle drills, drill and ceremony, ruck marches, call for fire, and so much more.

Apart from physical accomplishments, they also built character. These Cadets learned what accountability for one another truly means and what it means to have integrity for yourself and for the Army. 

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for the Cadets, more often than not they were confronted with some of their biggest fears. Luckily those fears were transformed into something more valuable.

“My biggest highlight of Cadet Summer Training was the High Ropes Confidence Course. I’m scared of heights so it was definitely not something I was looking forward to doing,” said Cadet Erin Flaherty of Clemson University. She continued, “but with the help of Cadre and my squad members I was able to conquer the course. That alone gave me enough confidence to conquer all of the other obstacles we faced during Basic Camp.”

Today was the graduation of Cadets who are taking a step in the direction to fight and defend the United States of America. It is an inspirational day today, and every day from here on out.