8th Regiment, Advanced Camp, attempt to reach out to their loved ones during family day on August 8, 2018. Photos by Gia Cruz.

Fort Knox, Ky.- Finished with their training at Advanced Camp, Cadets were eager to link up with family and friends they have not seen in over a month.  8th Regiment Cadets couldn’t help but to start contacting their family members through text messages to figure out what was on the agenda for the day.

Grace Sullivan, Bucknell University stood in the very front of her platoon, swaying back and forth from the anxiety of being able to be with her parents. ” I haven’t really talked much to my parents since they took our phone away in the field, so both my mom and dad are coming and I’m very excited to see them.”

Cadet Alexis Balausky, Kent State with her dog during family day on August 8, 2018. Photos by Gia Cruz.

“I’m just gonna go ahead and tell them everything we did,” Sullivan said, ” I made a lot of good friends here and I’m gonna share those relationships with them and catch up whats life been like at home.”

Alexis Balausky, Kent State, had a unique family member come out to see her at Fort Knox. “Pretty excited to see my family, my dad, mom and brother and my dog actually came. it was really difficult not being able to communicate with them on the daily compared to at school when I could or being able to see my dog at a regular basis.”

8th Regiment, Advanced Camp, during family day on August 8, 2018. Photos by Gia Cruz.

Both Cadets explained how they would be talking about the relationships they have made throughout Camp and how they have been challenged both physically and mentally.

With 20 days in the field, morale seems to be at an all time high for Cadets especially since this gives them an opportunity to explore the outside gates of Fort Knox to begin a new adventure within Kentucky.

As families began to pour out from Waybur theater, Cadets couldn’t help but break their formation since emotions were so high within the area.

Good luck on completing such a hug milestone in your careers, Cadets.