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Photo of US Army Cadet Miles Keane in formation.

Cadet Miles Keane is part of the Ranger Challenge team for New River Battalion at Virginia Tech.

Name: Miles Keane
School: Virginia Tech
Hometown: Ridgewood, New Jersey
Major: Political Science

What makes this Cadet stand out from their peers?

CDT Keane stands miles ahead of his fellow MSII peers. As soon he arrived at Virginia Tech and the New River Battalion (NRB), CDT Keane proved to be the hardest working Cadet in his class. He is a key team member on the Ranger Challenge Team. As an MSI, he had the fastest 5-mile time in the 1st Brigade Ranger Challenge competition. From there, CDT Keane has consistently maxed his PT test and contributed to the growth and development of the Ranger Challenge Team at Virginia Tech. As a MSII, CDT Keane saw that New River Battalion was missing a program he thought would improve the Battalion. So, on his own accord he developed an Advanced Camp preparatory program for all cadets in the New River Battalion to participate in. The program he created, Spartan Initiative, is in-depth, specific, and remarkable. He also joined Ranger Company, an elite group of Cadets in NRB that conducts extra training, seizes opportunities to improve their skills, serves the community, and provides Cadet leadership in NRB training and exercises.

CDT Keane’s maturity and competency is already at a MSIV level – yet he is only an MSII. On top of all of CDT Keane’s accomplishments and his high level of competency, his humility is his greatest leadership attribute. CDT Keane never looks for praise and is always willing to help out his fellow Army Cadet. The value CDT Keane brings to the New River Battalion by taking initiative, helping his fellow Army Cadets, and leading by example is beyond significant and his potential as a future Army Officer is limitless.

In the Cadet’s Own Words:

The reason for my performance is that I’ve grown up with a family who values hard work from generations of iron-workers and teachers in New York City. I have been taught that hard work will bring success. Family members have instilled in me that one must commit themselves to whatever they are doing or the results one seeks will never come to fruition. Further, I’ve been taught that if you take care of those around you, they’ll take care of you. In everything I’ve done, this has been absolutely true. Putting in effort with others, whether in ROTC or otherwise, reaps success for all.

Outside of family values, I set high personal standards for myself. By articulating a list of specific goals for myself, I then enact a plan in order to accomplish those goals. This helps guide my efforts over long periods of time in order to maintain my motivation and focus.

Achievements & Awards:

1st Brigade Ranger Challenge 2017 Participant
1st in 5-mile run during 1st Brigade Ranger Challenge 2017
Top MSI, Echo Company, Spring Semester 2018
Top MSII, Ranger Company, Fall Semester 2018
1st in 12-mile foot march (35lbs Ruck) for Virginia Tech, February 2019
300 APFT Score
Cumulative GPA: 3.57