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FORT KNOX, Ky., — It was a beautiful, warm sunny day for 9th Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets to arrive at Fort Knox, for Cadet Summer Training, July 2.

Cadet Renaldo Townes, from Winston-Salem State University, arrives at Fort Knox, Ky., July 2, 2019 for Cadet Summer Training. Cadre member checks Townes equipment to ensure it’s good to go for Cadet Summer Training. | Photo by Jordyn McCulley, CST Public Affairs.

Once Cadets arrive they are shuttled to the Disney area of the installation, where the Cadet’s barracks are located.

Cadets check in with the Cadre members first before they unpack anything. Cadets then receive what company they belong to, they collect their luggage and go to the respected area for that company.

Cadres have the Cadets unpack all of their bags and lay everything out in a specific order. The Cadre member will yell out different items and the Cadet has to show the Cadre member that they have it.

The Cadet will mark on the checklist whether or not they have it. If a Cadet doesn’t have something they will go to the central issue facility (CIF) and it will be lend to them for their time here.

After Cadets are done with their checklist they pack everything back up and put it in the vehicle for transportation to the barracks. Cadets begin to process the idea of what they will be doing at Cadet Summer Training.

All ROTC college programs prepare the Cadets for what is coming at Cadet Summer Training.

“Fort Benning is our backyard so they put everything out there and its up to you to go out and study it,” Cadet Toxiana Wilson, Columbus State University said. “Cadets who have done it say it’s not easy [Cadet Summer Training] but you’re prepared.”

While the schools prepare the Cadets on Land Navigation and Weapons Qualification just to name a few, Cadets are expected to do physical training on their own.

“I was lifting weights, running, and training all summer but there is nothing that can prepare you for the heat,” said Cadet Chris Harper, Norwich University.

Wilson is a Cadet and a college athlete, so pushing her comfort levels, physically, is nothing new to her.

9th Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets arrive at Fort Knox, Ky., July 2, 2019 for Cadet Summer Training. Cadets receive a briefing about what are contraband and a quick health brief. | Photo by Jordyn McCulley, CST Public Affairs.

“I could just do a 30-minute run and watch Netflix but I’ve had to push myself and sprint past my normal run time,” said Wilson “I do the same with sit-ups and push-ups.”

CST is always putting Cadets outside of their comfort zones from the physical fitness test, or going through Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear chamber.

Wilson said she is nervous about the CBRN chamber, “I’m confident that I will make it through but I’m dreading going through it since I did it last summer in Basic Camp.”

Cadet Summer Training helps build confidence and leaders through the different events they have planned for the Cadets. Tomorrow marks day one of 37 days of their training here at Cadet Summer Training.


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