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FORT KNOX, Ky. – 5th Regiment, Basic Camp Cadets conducted training at the Field Training Exercise (FTX) Badger, August 3rd, during Cadet Summer Training.

Military training operates in three phases, crawl walk, and run. The crawl phase is the initial portion of training where Cadets are taught the fundamentals of operating in a field environment.

5th Regiment Basic Camp Cadet shows us her war face at Fort Knox, Ky., August 3, 2019 | Photo by Tristan C. Pilch, Public Affairs Office

The walk phase is rehearsal focused where Cadets on a small-scale walk through a myriad of maneuvers. Finally, the run phase is the action stage where Cadets display their domain knowledge during a live training event. These events are usually held at FTX’s.

Cadet Emma Haynes, University of Dayton, explains the importance of FTX at Badger. “This field training exercise is important, it gives us a semi-realistic view of how things are supposed to be in an actual field environment,” said Haynes.

This is extremely important for Cadets because it gives them a chance to show what they learned and for the Cadre to assess their aptitude. The Cadets are finding the training very valuable.

5th Regiment Basic Camp Cadets form up for movement to the next training zone at Fort Knox, Ky., August 3, 2019 | Photo by Tristan C. Pilch, Public Affairs Office.

Ulysses Sanchez, Valley Forge Military College, “This training is important because it allows us to show what we have learned, overall the training is excellent for us.”

While in the field Cadets practice field craft, these are skills involving living and fighting out in the field. There are tons of tips and tricks in field craft that make soldiers a more effective force, This training allows Cadets to begin picking up these skills.

Dominic Bushen, University of Akron, “I’ve learned a lot here it’s tough to see it on paper (the things they have learned) then put it into practice. This training is really practical and needed.”

These Cadets have trained for almost a month leading up to this event in order to be ready to practice what will be expected of them in the future. This training also gives them a good idea of what being in the Army involves and helps them decide if this way of life is for them.

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