FORT KNOX, Ky. – A dark cloud storms its way across the training area where Cadets from 3rd Regiment Advanced Camp were planning to work on their field training exercises on July 1, 2023. 

Due to the frequent lightning strikes, overheard thunder, and heavy rain, the training was brought to a halt. While the Cadets were waiting underneath their soon-to-be soaking wet ponchos, they had some down time to speak on FTX and their future aspirations. 

“The field training event prepares us for future leadership events and tests how we perform under distress in adverse conditions,” said Cadet Alexander Grieves, Central Michigan University. 

Grieves shared that he comes from a military family, and he feels that he has a “sense to serve,” having a Native American background, he wants to continue his “warrior culture.” 

Prior to FTX, each regiment worked together as a team to build skills and form relationships to prepare them for future challenges during Cadet Summer Training. 

Cadets pose for a photo while they wait for the storm to pass during their field training at Fort Knox, Ky. June 1, 2023. | Photos by Lanie Guinn, Ball State University, CST Public Affairs Office

Cadet Constance Iglesias, University of Guam, enlisted into the Army National Guard as a patient administration specialist in 2013.

During today’s event, Iglesias encountered challenges when working with her peers. 

“We all come from varying backgrounds and universities, so we learn things differently,” Iglesias said. “That’s just one of the challenges that we have to apply, sticking to one thing and just go from there.” 

Similarly, Grieves expressed that he experienced the same obstacle. 

“Facing people’s different personalities and different life experiences it’s very difficult sometimes to understand other people,” Grieves said. “Once you take that step back and start to work together as a team, those challenges are overcome.”

After facing difficult situations, Cadets are able to see things from a different perspective and learn from those challenging events. 

“I’ve learned a lot about working together with other people and with the Cadre who really want to push us forward,” said Grieves. 

Despite nearly serving 10 years of prior military service, Iglesias experienced a difficult challenge when her mother passed away.

“My mom always wanted me to become an Army officer,” Iglesias said. “I am just trying to fulfill a dream that [my mom] always wanted me to have,”

Iglesias mentioned how joining the military has made a way to start fresh and to build a family.  

“Teamwork is really something that the Army does provide,” Iglesias said. “It may be rocky at first, but it gets better as we start learning more about each other.”  After Advanced Camp and graduation, Iglesias and Grieves will commission as officers and they determine where their road leads from there.