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Each summer, the Leader’s Training Course hosts a five-day tour for college educators and other influencers. The visit gives educators with little or no knowledge of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps a glimpse of what the program is all about.

While the visit this summer has been canceled due to budget cuts, it remains a pivotal opportunity to showcase the development of future Army leaders. Formerly known as the Educator Visit, this year the command is expanding who it brings in from around the country to include individuals who have a unique influence on ROTC and Cadets.

Educators from our host campuses are invited by their schools’ professors of military science to travel to Fort Knox, Ky., where they can observe firsthand the training their college students are going through, as well as experience some training themselves. Much of the LTC curriculum focuses on helping Cadets build confidence, and the educators get a taste of this training by rappelling off the 50-foot tower and jumping off a high dive blindfolded while holding a rifle over their heads.

Participation in training events is voluntary but highly encouraged. Throughout the visit, educators have opportunities to talk with Cadets and hear what the students are learning and what motivated them to dedicate four weeks out of their summer to see what ROTC has to offer.

One highlight of the visit is a semi-formal banquet held in the educators’ honor. A flag ceremony depicting the history of the Army’s campaigns is performed. It features Soldiers wearing vintage uniforms from the Revolutionary War to today’s Army. A tour of the Patton Museum is also conducted during the visit, as well as a chance to observe a Cadet graduation ceremony.

The visit is also a chance for participants to visit Louisville, Ky., where lodging is provided, network with peers from across the country and hear from various speakers.

If you are an educator interested in visiting LTC, contact the professor of military science at your campus to find out how.