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Live Streaming: Every graduation ceremony will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel here Advanced Camp Graduation. Subscribe to out YouTube page to receive notification of our live stream events.

Successful completion of the Advanced Camp is perhaps the single most significant event in the multi-year Cadet leadership development process. As a result, family and friends of all graduates and commissionees are cordially invited to attend the graduation and commissioning ceremonies.

Graduation ceremonies last about an hour and take place outdoors, so please dress appropriately for hot weather.  In case of inclement weather the graduation ceremonies will be held indoors at Natcher Gym.

Visiting Fort Knox

Families will receive graduation/family day invitation letters by email. Please use the link in the email to RSVP. Expect to receive the RSVP email 3 weeks before graduation/family day. Family Day will precede all graduations.

The Saber & Quill invites you for a Celebration Dinner Buffet in honor of your Cadet’s graduation from Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Please RSVP at www.knoxfamilyday.com if you would like to attend this special event.

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Graduation Schedule
Inclement Weather Location (Natcher Gym)


Regiment Event Date Location
1st Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 28 June 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 29 June 19/9:00-10:00 Brooks Field
2nd Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 3 July 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 4 July 19/09:00-10:00 Brooks Field
3rd Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 8 July 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 9 July 19/09:00-10:00 Brooks Field
4th Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 13 July 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 14 July 19/9:00-10:00 Brooks Field
5th Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 18 July 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 19 July 19/9:00-10:00 Brooks Field
6th Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 23 July 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 24 July 19/9:00-10:00 Brooks Field
7th Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 28 July 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 29 July 19/9:00-10:00 Brooks Field
8th Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 2 Aug 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 3 Aug 19/09:00-10:00 Brooks Field
9th Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 7 Aug 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 8 Aug 19/9:00-10:00 Brooks Field
10th Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 12 Aug 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 13 Aug 19/9:00-10:00 Brooks Field
11th Regiment – Click here to RSVP.
Family Day 17 Aug 19/11:15-12:00 Waybur Theater
Graduation 18 Aug 19/9:00-10:00 Brooks Field

Parking in the immediate area of Brooks field is limited. Please refer to the Advanced Camp parking map for additional parking areas.

Family Day Schedule of Events:

Time Description
10:45-11:15 Theater Opens for Family Members
11:15 – 11:20 Welcome Remarks
11:20-11:25 Introduction of Cadre
11:25-11:30 HOOAH! Video
11:30-11:50 Regimental Training Officer Remarks
11:50-12:00 Administrative Notes – Informal Q&A
12:00 Cadets Released to Parents in Waybur Parking Lot

Cadet Visitation

Graduates. The Commander of Task Force Warrior is the approval authority for any exceptions to this policy. Cadets themselves must submit any such request through their regimental Cadre.

Family Day. Parents, family members, and friends are invited to spend time with their Cadet the evening prior to graduation. Cadets will be transported to the briefing location and meet with their guests following the Advanced Camp Family Day briefing (around 11:40). Cadets must be back in the regimental area no later than 8:00 p.m. and are not allowed to consume any alcoholic beverages.

Given the number of graduates and time constraints, post-graduation will be tightly controlled. Unless a pre-approved post-graduation travel request is in force or the Cadet has been authorized to travel by their personal automobile, Cadets will be transported to Louisville International Airport by government-provided transportation following the graduation ceremony. Cadets who live locally may be transported by Cadre from their host university. Please refer to the details listed below for the post-graduation visitation policy.

Post-Graduation Visitation and Travel

Cadets may be released to immediate family members (father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, or others designated in loco parentis) at the conclusion of the graduation ceremony only if the Cadet has received prior authorization. Cadets normally initiate the request for a post-graduation travel change at the beginning of the training cycle and are normally notified of approval by Day 16. Cadets may request a post-graduation travel change at any time, including the day of graduation. Under no circumstances should a Cadet or Cadet’s family initiate a travel change without the approval of the Commander of Task Force Warrior.

Transportation and Lodging

Guests attending family day events and graduation activities must make their own transportation and lodging arrangements. Guests arriving by air into Louisville Airport should plan for at least a 45 minute drive to Fort Knox. During the morning and evening commute, the interstate can be extremely congested and the drive may take much longer. There are rental car agencies at Louisville International Airport. Guests with a valid military identification card may also seek a reservation via the Fort Knox Lodging Center.

For information about visiting Fort Knox please access the Visit Fort Knox page
The page contains links to Fort Knox, maps, and the information needed to gain entrance to the post.

For questions and assistance please contact the Ceremonies & Special Events
Phone: (502) 624-2804 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Email usarmy.knox.usacc.mbx.cst-vb@mail.milar

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