Cadets from Alpha and Bravo Companies in 1st Regiment got to experience two exercises on May 28 during Advanced Camp’s Warrior Skills at Fort Knox, KY: First Aid and Call for Fire. 

First Aid helps train Cadets on what to do in emergency situations on the field, along with teaching them about some of the tools needed. Call for Fire is calling for support from field artillery units to suppress an enemy with cannon fire by giving target location and description. 

“It’s like finding a piece of a puzzle,” said Cadet Aaron Wagner, Bravo Company, 1st Regiment, from University of California Berkeley, when asked about the Call for Fire exercise.

Cadet Oge Ezekwenna, with Bravo Company, 1st Regiment from Cornell University, looks carefully at the map ahead of him and then checks his notes during his Call for Fire exercise test.

Cadets shared their opinions on the exercises and why they felt the skills would be useful in both an Army career, or in general. 

“I feel like the skills here build the foundation for what a great officer should be,” said Cadet Raphael Sanvictores in Bravo Company, 1st Regiment from San Diego State University.

“It is the basis for your Army education,” said Cadet Juliana Zitron in Alpha Company, 1st Regiment from University of Colorado Boulder. “It’s important to know that if you’re in that situation, you know how to handle it.” 

Zitron studies Geology at her university, so she enjoyed getting to read the maps at the Call for Fire exercise. 

Like Zitron, other Cadets have learned skills from their field of study or previous job that help them during these warrior tasks. 

Cadet Jake Hailey, in Alpha Company, 1st Regiment from the University of Akron in Ohio

happened to be an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He felt as if the training was a good refresher for him.

“I think it’s [the skills] really good for everyone to know,” said Hailey. “That way, in case they are ever in a situation in which they have to use them, they know how to properly use them without hurting someone.”

Cadet Jamigh James with Alpha Company, 1st Regiment at Advanced Camp from Louisiana State University, wraps gauze around the simulation mannequin during his attempt at the First Aid test on May 28 at Fort Knox, KY.

Cadet Victoria Slocum, from Alpha Company 1st Regiment, majors in Nursing at the University of Kentucky, and believes the First Aid exercise will help with her future career. She also found it interesting that the tactics and techniques from the exercise were different from the typical nursing techniques.

The new skills learned intrigued some Cadets as well because they are interested in branches relating to the skills.

“I’m actually considering the Field Artillery branch, so I could easily see myself doing Call for fire as a junior officer in a fire direction center,” said Cadet Oge Ezekwenna in Bravo Company, 1st Regiment, from Cornell University in New York. “I think it’s cool that a lot of skills we’re learning here will directly translate to a branch I’m interested in.”

Sanvictores is interested in Aviation, so the Call to Fire exercise could benefit him with his future career. 

“I would like to go Combat Arms. The skills are definitely still helpful to me and I hope I can use them in the near future, said Wagner.