1st Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets spent their day learning about fire and maneuver techniques at Fort Knox, Ky. on May 30, 2021. 

Cadets learned techniques on how to effectively move through a field with barricades, logs and wire, all while trying to carry their rifle and maintain safety of themselves and their partner, otherwise known as their battle buddy. 

Cadet Justin Barnes in 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp at Cadet Summer Training, from Virginia Tech, positions behind a barricade and guards his battle buddy while they crawl ahead during a fire and maneuver exercise on May 30, 2021 at Fort Knox, KY.

The purpose of the exercise is to help Cadets get comfortable with high-stress situations and also know how to move under real fire when in combat. 

Cadre use a go and no go system to test Cadets. “Go” means that they passed and “no go” means fail, where they would then need to reattempt the exercise. 

“What we’re looking for is if they [Cadets] can maneuver their weapon system by putting it from safe to semi, or semi to safe, and that they’re able to do the three IMT (individual movement techniques), which includes the three to five second rush, the point post sprawl, the high crawl and low crawl,” said Sgt. Owen Brooks from 3rd Cavalry Regiment. 

The exercise also focuses on communication, which is critical on the battlefield. 

“It makes sure you are communicating effectively so that you can get your point across and move forward efficiently,” said Cadet Jordan-Marie Robinson, from Charlie Company, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Cadets must understand that communication can make all the difference on the battlefield.

According to Brooks, Cadets have been stressing out over the low crawl under the wire.

“Have confidence and keep your head low during the crawl,” said Cadet Malik Graddy, from North Carolina State University, who gave advice for the low crawl. “Be loud, have a lot of energy and you’ll be fine.”

Cadet Axel Wix in 1st Regiment at Cadet Summer Training, from Tennessee Technical University, held up his rifle at the target during a fire and maneuver exercise at Advanced Camp on May 30, 2021 at Fort Knox, KY.

Another Cadet gave general advice about the exercise for incoming Cadets.

“Some advice I would give is to take it seriously and think tactically,” said Robinson. “Make sure that you watch the observers [Cadre] because they will give you great demonstrations and think about what this means for the bigger picture.”

The valuable skills learned at training are not only beneficial for Advanced Camp, but for a Cadet’s future as an Army Officer as well.