A Cadet from 3rd Regiment hooks the rope with her foot and climbs up the obstacle during their Confidence Course training at Cadet Summer Training Advanced Camp in Fort Knox, Ky on June 18, 2021.

Walking up to the confidence course on the morning of June 18, 2021, you’d likely hear Cadets of 3rd Regiment cheering each other on as they complete each mentally and physically challenging obstacle within the woods of Fort Knox, Ky during their Cadet Summer Training Advanced Camp. 

The purpose behind the confidence course is in the name. Cadets have to set aside any fears or negative thoughts and build that confidence within themselves to get through the obstacles. 

Probably one of the biggest fears that pop up during the confidence course is heights. However, one Cadet faced the problem by talking herself through it, rather than letting the fear conquer her. 

“You’ve got to get out of your head with being that far from the ground and looking down,” said Cadet Roneisha Scott, from Albany State University. “Things we tell ourselves relate to how we act. We tend to act out those thoughts. I just let myself know that I can do this and that it’s not that high, instead of saying that I can’t. Not thinking negative thoughts really helps.”

Talking with her fellow peers, Scott realized that she was not the only one walking into Advanced Camp with feelings of nervousness and apprehensiveness. Because they can relate to one another on this level, Cadets choose to help by motivating each other during the difficult activities at camp. 

Even though Scott was able to talk herself through it, she also credits her peers in helping her complete the course.

“Having them motivate you gives you that extra push,” said Scott. 

She believes that the confidence course from Advanced Camp will actually help her later on in her career because she’ll remember that she can overcome anything she sets her mind to. 

“When I get into a situation, I can think back to a time at Advanced Camp when I felt the same way but I still conquered.”

3rd Regiment’s Charlie 4th Platoon, 3rd Squad, and otherwise known as the “Junkyard Dogs,” take a photo as a reminder of their time at Cadet Summer Training Advanced Camp with one another at Fort Knox, Ky on June 18, 2021. Many squads and platoons have taken on the idea of coming up with other fun names for their groups.